1. Facebook Donates $250K to Hack Reactor’s Diversity & Inclusion Program

    Telegraph Track is a unique program that focuses on making sure students have what they need outside of technical skills. Not only will Telegraph Track engineers receive the best-in-show, industry-tested education from Hack Reactor, students will also solidify a strong community of diverse peers within a larger engineering community that will mirror what will be experienced in the tech industry.

  2. Lesbians Who Tech Summit Recap: Building Diverse Technology Careers Together

    The annual Lesbians Who Tech Summit is a gathering of underrepresented groups and allies working with or in the technology industry. Over four days, thousands of people engaged on issues related to diversity and inclusion, the coolest new technologies taking over the industry, and the role the tech industry plays in our current political atmosphere.

  3. YouTube Shares Their Tips to Telegraph Track Aspiring Software Engineers

    What do you get when YouTube engineers host Telegraph Track students at their office? We put this question to today’s Hack Reactor blog post guest: Director of Growth and Inclusion, Albrey Brown. He discusses the highlights from the visit and how Telegraph Track students received great nuggets of inspiration and motivation! Telegraph Track’s goal is to diversify the tech industry by actively recruiting talented, underrepresented people, who’d like to transition their careers by becoming Software Engineers. Let’s hear how the YouTube tour went.

    Take it away Albrey!